Venezuelan political parties shun the web

There is an interesting article about the web presence of Venezuelan political parties posted by the Venezuelan Blog Venezuela Análisis (not to be confused with Despite a significant number, namely 4.8 million (18% of the population) — according to official statistics (CONATEL) of Venezuelan internet users, only very few parties have created and/or maintain an updated web page. After doing a little research, the author concludes the following:
  • Three out of seven parties either do not have an official web page with their own domain name or, if they have one, it's not accessible (PSUV, PJ and PPT). Of the four that do have a web page, two leave a lot to be desired (COPEI, AD)

  • Only two out of seven update their pages on a regular basis (UNT, PODEMOS)

  • Only four describe their party's platform (PODEMOS, PPT, AD and COPEI)

  • Only two list who the party leaders are (UNT, COPEI)

  • Only one mentions which of their party members are holding public office (PODEMOS)

  • Only two include information about how to join the party (UNT, PJ)

  • Only one includes an in depth analysis about the controversial Constitutional Reform (PODEMOS) on which we all will have to vote in December
To read more in Spanish about the methodology used as well as other conclusions, visit Venezuela Análisis and let's discuss the issue.

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Juan Pablo said...

This is a sign that chavismo has a good point when they say that traditional parties in Venezuela are obsolete (no less 'dinosaurios' than Che Guevara's "Hombre Nuevo"). ya tiraron la toalla. If opp parties in venezuela want to criticize and debate about the governemnt and the Constitutional Reform and, no less important, have their voices head abroad (excellent PR strategy as we know) how come they don't have good websites? Remember that among the first things Chavez' gov't did was to overhaul the websites of diplomatic missions and some ministries