Blessed are those with Venezuelan Passports

The more you listen to these endless ideological debates going on about Venezuela under Chávez, the more you realize how useless and ridiculous they are in terms of solving every day problems afflicting ordinary Venezuelan citizens.

So it doesn't come as much of a surprise to hear the Venezuelan Consul General in Boston during a Q&A session that followed Fernando Coronil's lecture at Harvard today, spouting this little gem in front of a mostly non-Venezuelan audience: Before Chávez we had 40 years of corruption, now we don't. He seemed agitated while saying it, waving in his hand a fancy brochure that he invited us to pick up at his Consular office, a place which is open to everyone who wishes to have a little chat with him about the merits of the revolution, dissenters excluded, of course.

Just imagine, wouldn't it be nice, to be a citizen of a country whose consular personnel were just as passionate about going after their regular consular duties such as issuing passports to their citizens as our Consul General is about distributing political pamphlets?

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