Crude Matters in Boston

Just in time for Christmas a huge shipment of discounted heating oil for poor families in Boston arrived at Citgo's Washington Street terminal. As reported by the Boston Globe, there they were, the Citgo executives, sporting their revolutionary red jackets, along side local dignitaries, and you know who you are, standing in the cold, bitching about the lack of compassion of American oil companies and praising the Venezuelan Government's solidarity with the poor and disenfranchised. In short, the perfect public relations moment. Who could argue against such a noble cause? Hmm, what was that famous phrase again attributed to Tip O'Neill? Oh yeah, all politics is local.

Suggestion to the Venezuelan Government: How about taking care of your own people at home and, dare we say it, here in Boston? That's right folks, here in Boston! Believe it or not, our beloved Venezuelan Consulate seems to be unable or maybe unwilling to issue passports to regular Venezuelan citizen's residing in the New England Area. Apparently, there is a huge waiting list and only those who are privileged enough to know somebody in the upper echelons of the government or those who have had a death in the family can expect expeditious service. The rest of us mere mortals are condemned to eternal passport hell.

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