The Mosquito Plot Thickens

Just when you thought you've heard it all and you've read it all, especially all the stuff that the Venezuelan government puts out there in order to blame everybody and their brother for their failed or non-existent public policies, along comes yet another bizarre claim out of their repertoire of conspiracy theories: The Revenge of the Remote Controlled Dengue Mosquitoes. Hmm, come to think of it, this would make a great Hollywood movie title, don't you think? Seriously, though, in today's New York Times article, In Venezuela, Face in Chávez Starts to Wane, you can find this little gem:
For other domestic problems, Mr. Chávez’s approach has been equally erratic. After the recent outbreak of dengue fever, which reached into his cabinet to infect Culture Minister Francisco Sesto, the president did not shake up the public health system. Instead, he called for an investigation of claims that the disease may have been altered into a more virulent strain as part of an attack on Venezuela by unidentified enemies. (our emphasis)
Note to the Venezuelan government: How about acknowledging that the dengue outbreak has reached epidemic proportions and how about implementing effective public health measures, for a change?

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