Chávez Retracts New Spy Law

Hmm, now why is he backtracking? Any one dares to guess? The international outcry along with concerns raised by Venezuelan NGOs, Human Rights Groups and regular citizens about the law's disregard for citizens' rights and freedoms seemed to have had an impact on his decision to retract (at least, that's what we would like to think).

Now he's promising a new, revised, cleaner version, one that respects civil liberties. Yeah, right, who knows... Is he going to remove one clause, two clauses, three clauses? Will that make it constitutional? What difference does it make, anyway? And who is going to be part of that commission which supposedly will rewrite the law? Are they going to listen to the objections made by civil society? We'll see, but for now, listen to the masters voice:

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Photo licensed under Creative Commons. by Sean McNamara

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