In Defense Of Democracy In Venezuela And Against All Forms Of Dictatorship

This January 23, 2011, Venered en Acción joins the organization Un Mundo Sin Mordaza in a world wide protest called STOP DICTATORSHIP VE.

This date commemorates the civic uprising in 1958 that overthrew the dictatorship of General Marcos Pérez Jiménez and the beginning of contemporary Venezuelan democracy. Every year on this date the people of Venezuela gather in a peaceful march against any form of oppression and dictatorship.

Sadly, with the recent passing of an enabling law, giving Chávez fast-track powers to legislate, by the lame duck Venezuelan parliament of 2010, the present Venezuelan regime is moving, legally and politically, towards a dictatorship. Additionally, a bill has been pushed through that censors the internet thereby stifling any remnants of free speech.

By joining our brothers and sisters in Venezuela on this important date, the Venezuelan community of New England wants to express its solidarity with the struggle for freedom and democracy. We call upon the international community to support us in our demand for the immediate release of all political prisoners and in our opposition against all forms of censorship and oppression in Venezuela .

Date:                January 23, 2011
Time:                11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Where:             Copley Square (in front of the Consulate of Venezuela)
Address:           545 Boylston Street. Boston, MA 02116
Press contact:
Telephone:       (617) 379-1453

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